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Omaha poker is very similar to that of Texas Holdem poker online ; however there are only really two main differences. At the beginning of the game every player is dealt four cards in Omaha poker unlike the two cards in Texas hold em. Also when there are two competing players left and it turns to a show down, the rules of a winning hand again become different. Omaha poker has always and still is very popular in Europe. It is now also recognized and the second most popular played version of poker at this moment in time. Unlike Texas hold em, players are able to make more bets and call/match more bets whilst always being able to play more hands until the game is completed.

Much like Texas hold em poker, Omaha also has the betting rounds the pre-flop and the flop rounds until the final showdown. When finally reaching the show down a winning hand is determined by who has the highest value hand. In Omaha online poker a winning hand must be made up of two out of the four cards in the players hand and three cards taken from the community cards. This determines which five card hand is able to win, based on how many pairs or three are made or if a player has a straight etc. Much like Texas hold em, Omaha has its own table of rankings for each card, which determine which is higher or of more value. Effectively many different poker games have there own determined rankings and should be studied thoroughly before entering into whatever which game.

It is thought that Omaha poker is extremely popular because many who play it are able to see the similarities of that of Texas Hold em and make an easy switch between games that will not effectively make them have to learn new rules and skills etc. Also with the added bonus of playing more hands and make/call more bets, it can become very exciting for a keen poker player. However despite this, Omaha can be played so that there is effectively a limit as to how much can be bet or put into the pot.

Playing online poker can be just as exciting as playing at a real poker table. Online casinos even allow players to banter with each other as they play.

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