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Party Poker Bonus code

The rule to take advantage of the bonus is the same as that described above: you must play 5 times the bonus amount in raked in, that is to say that if the bonus is $ 25 you must play 125 raked. You have 30 days to play games with the full committee get party poker bonus code

Following the application of the law “Anti-gambling”, changes have also been made to the existing bonus offers require a minimum deposit. From October 13, the minimum amount of deposit increased from $ 50 to $ 10.

With the new bonus system, you’ll receive $ 10 bonus for a minimum deposit of $ 25. Remember that you must play 50 raked in order to recover the bonuses. In addition, all new players taking advantage of the bonus offer of 30% up to $ 150 will receive $ 6 for a $ 20 deposit.

Party Poker Software options 2010

PartyPoker has also launched a no download version of its software, which means that owners of Mac (Macintosh) and Linux users can now play on Party Poker bonus code 2010.

PartyPoker has a characteristic that distinguishes it from other poker sites. There is the possibility of arrangement. This function, entirely optional, is offered at a tournament reaches the final table. Players must reach an agreement, which means they must determine between themselves how to divide the chips at the end of the tournament.

All players should expect to have, at some point, try to reach an agreement. The negotiation does not involve a player to accept the proposed conditions. Each player can refuse the arrangement and the tournament will continue as before.

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